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Liburia Experimental 08

Format: digital - Cd audio/digipack

released 15/11/2023

Set to be released on November 15, 2023, under the Liburia Records label, both in physical and digital formats, "Rayuela" marks the latest musical endeavor from degoya, an Italian musical duo with a journey dating back to 2019. This project has been made possible thanks to the contributions of NUOVOIMAIE.

This creation, which unfolded between March and June of 2023, is a product of various recording sessions characterized by complete improvisation. These sessions involved Andrea Laudante (analog feedback, fm synthesis, live looping) , along with Francesco di Cristofaro (zurna, bansuri, hunting horn, marranzano, shvi, whistle, and Bulgarian kaval)

The editing process of the amassed material and the artistic choices leading to the final arrangement of the album's ten tracks were deeply influenced by "Rayuela," a literary masterpiece published in 1963 by the renowned author Julio Cortázar.

Cortázar's work is known for its offering of three distinct modes of reading, and degoya has mirrored this concept in the album's listening order. This experience is enhanced with specific instructions provided to the audience within the physical copy of the record.

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