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"Sound diaries in quarantine time Vol.II"

Various artists


Liburia Experimental 03

Format: digital - 

released June, 4, 2020

SOUND DIARIES IN QUARANTINE TIME is a two-volume collection of electroacoustic compositions created during the quarantine period by several artists from all over the world, who have transformed this lockdown period into a period of great creativity.


Curated by Francesco Di Cristofaro
Artwork: Gabriele Tinto

Track List:

1 - Relative distances - TeTe Noise (Georgia)
2 - Lu rusciu te la petra - Stefano Urkuma De Santis (Italy)
3 - Untiteld - Robert Stokowy (Germany)
4 - Domestica - Aconcretmatic (France)
5 - Yonyo - Miguel A.Garcia (Spain)
6 - Little red bird - Panosophy (Greece)
7 - WindowScape - Georgios Varoutsos (Canada)

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